Sunday School

Whatever your age, we have a class for you. All classes meet on Sunday Mornings @ 9:15.

2 and 3 year old ------ Teacher needed 

Pre K - 1st Grade ----- Margaret Pancake, Teacher- Located in the Children's Wing

2nd Grade----- Deborah Parker, Teacher- Located in Children's Wing

3rd - 4th Grade ----- Alesha Thornton and Sharon Pancake, Teachers- Located in Children's Wing

5th - 6th Grade ----- Cynthia James, Teacher- Located in Children's Wing

Youth ----- Rodney Thornton and Amanda Shirley, Teachers- Located in Youth Wing

Adult I ----- Kathy Withrow, Teacher- Located in the Chapel

Adult II ----- Craig Pender, Teacher- Located in the Library

Adult IV ----- James Baize, Teacher- Located in the Choir Room

Please ask for help in locating your classroom and someone will be glad to assist you.